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|12/12/18| I Graduated From College

December 12, 2018

I FINALLY DID IT! I officially graduated from college! The past week I have spent non-stop studying for final exams, and I have been stressed out to the max. I took those exams on Monday, and I still did not feel much better after taking them. Out of all my classes this semester, there was one class I was worried about, and the final exam didn’t ease my worries that much. 

The Ceremony

I had my graduation ceremony yesterday(Tuesday the 11th), and it was actually a nice ceremony. We luckily got to have it inside, because I couldn’t imagine having an outdoor ceremony with all the cold weather we are having. We actually had to delay the ceremony by an hour because we had ice on the roads yesterday morning. All that meant for me is that I got to sleep in an extra hour than I planned. Here are some pictures from yesterday…

These photos were taken by my amazing aunt Kay, and I really appreciate that she was able to be there along with my family. 

Why was I so stressed?

It is actually pretty simple. My university doesn’t require our final grades to be put out until this Friday, and I had no idea really if I should even be graduating. It was kind of hard to enjoy everything fully. Yes, I still had fun, but there was that nagging feeling in my head that kept reminding me I wasn’t fully graduated yet.

However, yesterday evening turned that all around…

My family went bowling with my Dad’s coworkers for their Christmas party, and it was on our way home from there that the one class I was worried about posted the grades, and I found out that I indeed passed the class. So, I was able to finally breathe, and know that I did indeed graduate and will be receiving my degree that I have been working for the past few years.

I know that I haven’t posted on the blog the last two weeks, and I have been meaning too. Especially my big Black Friday haul, but I have been so focused on graduating that I didn’t get the chance. I will be posting the complete Black Friday Haul still, as I did finally receive all the packages I ordered online. The last one actually showed up on Monday so it took a long time for that one.

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