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Photography: Red and Pink Theme

February 5, 2019

The month of February usually revolves around a lot of pink and red, as Valentine’s Day is a huge inspiration. Personally, I take the stance of not really caring too much for Valentine’s Day. It’s not because I’m single, so much as it is the fact that regardless on if you are in a relationship or not, you should be showing your love for the ones you care about in your life all year.

However, there are a couple of good things that come from Valentine’s Day. One, being that the very next day, usually all the Valentine’s Day chocolate is 50% off. Two, I love the color scheme for Valentine’s Day. Usually, we see the usual red, pink, and white in many different shades. Or we will see the common pastels that we will see again once Easter comes around.

My Pink & Red Photos

I am very much an amateur photographer, and I have a long way to go. However, I thought I would share some of my favorite pink and red things that I have taken photos of over the past couple years.

Love | Pink & Red

Link to my Love Themed Pinterest board – Red & Pink

My latest project on Pinterest is my LOVE board. The goal is to stick to my favorite pink and/or red photographs and put them together to create another great inspirational board. My favorites are Holiday boards or Home Decor boards. However, I do appreciate color themed boards, because sometimes it can be incredibly satisfying and inspirational to see a collection of the same color in one space. With that in mind, some of my other favorite inspirational boards are below, and I have them linked to their respective Pinterest creators.

Board by Minanda Minanda
Board by Fashion For Lunch
Photo by Swirls of Colorđź’«

What are some of your favorite Pink and Red themed boards on Pinterest? If you have color-themed boards of your own, be sure to share them below. I need some new ones to follow. Also, if you have a color-themed Instagram, I would love to see that too.

My Pinterest – annamaxwell018

I’m really enjoying my Pinterest right now, and I have been putting in a lot of work on developing it. This time last year I had averaged about 100,000 monthly views, and I now average about 2.8 million monthly views on my Pinterest. Be sure to go check out my Pinterest if you are into Fashion, Food, and Photography.

My Pinterest Profile

Other than my blog, I regularly post on Instagram. Be sure to give me a follow @annamaxwell018 or @LittlebitPatchCo for updates on my daily life.


Disclaimer: All photos are my own unless stated otherwise in the photo captions. In that case the photo usually links to where I got it from.


Pink Lily Boutique Haul – Fall 2018 (part 3)

November 17, 2018

This post is NOT sponsored by Pink Lily. This is my own opinion about my personal online shopping experience here. 

If you haven’t already noticed, I am in LOVE with the Pink Lily Boutique. This is my fourth time making a purchase from them, but the third time was just for a mystery bag so it wasn’t a full haul. Check out my first two hauls here: part 1 | part 2

This purchase was mainly for Fall or Winter items, but a couple could probably go for Springtime as well. I think I’m winding down with my Pink Lily purchases for the year. The last one I plan on making is going to be for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, but never say never. They could have an amazing sale, and I might change my mind. However, I plan to hopefully be done with most of my shopping for the year after Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

My Order

I love everything I bought. The material is so soft on everything and perfect for Fall and Winter. When I ordered these I got a 30% discount, and that was probably the only way I bought that last sweater. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it is so beautiful, and really cozy. However, it’s original price was $55, and I was not down to pay that much for a sweater. No matter how cute and cozy it is. I think I mentioned this in my first Pink Lily haul, and it is very important to try to buy on sale days if you aren’t able to spend that much money. I recommend waiting for sales that are 25% or more, because usually, the highest sales are 25 to 30%. 

I really enjoyed my purchases, and I can’t wait to check out their Black Friday sale. If you’re planning on making some purchases yourself, make sure to check out their Instagram for Black Friday sale news.


Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

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Holiday Journal

|11/9/18| Is It Too Early To Decorate For Christmas?

November 9, 2018

Is it too early to decorate for Christmas? This is a question that spirals around usually after Halloween every year, and it is one that I just don’t get. Why is everyone so obsessed with controlling Christmas decorations? If it’s November 1st and I want to put up Christmas lights, why does it bother you so much? If I put them up in April would it bother you then too? What if I left Christmas decorations up year round?

My Big Question

I think my big question is: Why do people put so much effort into hating other people for decorating early for Christmas? How does it affect you if I put Christmas decorations up in my house early? It’s not like I’m going around and demanding everyone go and start decorating for Christmas early too. It’s just what I’m doing. Honestly, people need to take a chill pill, and worry about themselves. If they don’t want to decorate until November 30th or December 1st, that’s fine. If people don’t want to decorate at all, that is fine.

My point is that Christmas is a time of year for people to come together with their families. Not everyone looks at Christmas religiously, and purely just on the fact that it is a time of year they can spend with the family they might not always get to see. Some people might start decorating early because they are excited to feel the spirit of the holiday. To feel the happiness that Christmas or being around family gives them.

Did I Decorate Already?

No, I didn’t. I have some cute Fall decorations I like to use, and I want to enjoy them for a few weeks before putting up my Christmas decorations. However, I am fully supportive of people who have already put up their Christmas decorations. Because for some people Christmas might be the one time of year that brings them true happiness and joy. It’s also really none of my damn business if they decide to decorate early or not too. Just throwing that out there 🙂

What about you?

Did you decorate for Christmas already? On another note, who is getting ready for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday? I’m already super excited, and planning out my shopping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Plan With Me(PWM): Halloween 2018

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10/5/18 Morning Coffee Chit Chat

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All images were created or taken by me, unless stated otherwise.

Beauty Fashion Journal Lifestyle

|10/15/18| My Weekend Fall Shopping Trip

October 15, 2018

[This post contains affiliate links. This means-at zero cost to you-I might earn a commission if you buy something through my links.]

I spent my weekend mostly relaxing, but on Saturday I ended up doing a spur of the moment Fall shopping spree. It wasn’t really supposed to be that big of a shopping trip, as I was really only planning to go out and get some groceries. However, that ended up turning into going to 6 different places, and most of my Saturday ended up disappearing.


If you hadn’t read my blog posts about my recent purchases from the Pink Lily Boutique, I have already started building my Fall wardrobe, and you’d think I’d be done by now. Well, never underestimate my ability to lose self-control, and buy more clothes. You can never have enough sweaters, cardigans, and boots… All the clothing and shoes are from Ross, and they were all great prices. Each sweater/cardigan was below $15 each, and both boots were around $25 each.

I have bought a lot of cardigans this year, and that’s pretty unlike me. I’m usually more interested in sweaters and sweatshirts to make it through the colder season, but I guess my taste is kind of changing. I think my favorite cardigan is the rusty orange one with the stripes. It kind of appears redder on the photo, but it definitely is a real rusty orange. I also am pretty excited about my new boots.

Oh and not fashion related, but I also bought this coffee mug at Ross. It’s huge, and I am absolutely in love with it. I might be using this past Halloween, as I don’t think I have another mug like this one. 


I’ve needed some refills on my usual eyebrow products, and I of course left with many more things. I have to say that I at least bought things that I will use this time, and not things that will just waste away in my drawers.

The liquid lipstick I got from Morphe has been absolutely amazing. It doesn’t dry up my lips, and it applies smoothly. The eyeshadow palette I got was also an amazing buy, and the colors are beautiful. They have three other palettes like the one I bought with different shades, and I definitely recommend checking them out.

I am a big fan of the Stila mascara and liquid eyeliner too, and I’m trying the IT foundation out for the first time so I will let you all know how that goes. So far, I’ve noticed that it’s lightweight, and you can barely tell it is even on. However, I find my skin looks great with it on, and it has just the right amount of coverage. (Not shown, I also bought an NYX eyebrow pencil and NYX eyebrow gel.)

Bath & Bodyworks

It wouldn’t be a real last minute shopping spree without me getting some candles from Bath & Bodyworks. I recently did a Fall candle haul, and I got most of the new Fall collection that they had come out with. There were some that I wasn’t that interested in buying because of the scents. Either they smelled too similar to something I already own, or I didn’t like the scent. (I have over 50 candles, so the first reason is usually why I don’t buy some candles.)

These 5 candles were not really necessary, but I talked myself into it because I had a great coupon and they also weren’t like others I have. Except for the apple one. I have plenty of apple candles, but that’s one of my favorite scents. I also got a couple from the Winter collection. I have to say that I usually don’t like the Winter scents, but these were pretty nicely scented. They are also true to their scent when they are burning too, which is always important to me when I decide on if I want to re-purchase.

photo from my Insta story @annamaxwell018

I also bought these handsoaps, because I was running low on my stash at home. These are new scents to me, but I think I’m going to like them. They had a pretty good deal this weekend for 5 for $23, and I figured it was good to stock up on some so I don’t get tempted to go back in a couple weeks.


The rest of what I got was mostly groceries. Which was what I went out for in the first place, but I did buy a few more last minute Fall things while I was out. Pumpkins and flowers <3 The cat is none other than Littlebit (one of the two animals I named this blog after.) She was more interested in the squirrels in the tree beind me, than the pumpkins.

The pumpkins were so tiny and cute; I couldn’t help myself. It was the biggest impulse buy, but they are a cute addition to my Halloween decorations at home. As for the flowers, I did kind of have an idea of getting them for a while now, but I just haven’t got around to it. I finally did, and I’m glad. It really makes it feel like Fall now. The weather in Georgia can be kind of back and forth, and it usually doesn’t get really cold until November. So I have to use Fall decorations to at least make it feel like Fall for a while.

Overall, I enjoyed my shopping day on Saturday, and had a great weekend overall. What did you do this weekend? Have you got in the Fall spirit yet?


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My Summer 2018 Playlist

June 25, 2018

Now that it is officially Summer, I think it is time to share my Summer playlist for this year. One thing that I enjoy more than anything is listening to music. No matter what mood I am in, there is always some song out there that fits what I’m feeling. I guess that’s the beauty of living in a world where we have access to so many different types of music.

photo from

How I Created My Summer Playlist

We have music streaming sources such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora that allows us to listen to whatever we want, and it’s crazy to think that just 10 years ago you were limited to what you bought CD’s of. I personally use Spotify(not sponsored or affiliate, that’s just genuinely what I use), and I find new music from multiple genres just by listening to their New Music Friday playlist every week. I feel like my appreciation for music grew over the past few years, as I was finally branching out and experience different genres of music.

Music also is a major way to help inspire me when I’m feeling lacking in the creativity department. I haven’t talked about this much on my blog yet, but I love to write. By “write” I mean writing stories. My dream since I was a little girl was to become an author. To this day, I am still in the work in progress stages, but it’s still a goal for me. I find when I have trouble writing a scene, I skim through some playlists of mine that I think might fit the mood, and all it takes is that one magical song to get rid of my writer’s block.

My thought process when creating this playlist is happy and uplifting songs. I hope you all find happiness through this music and enjoy the playlist!

When I think of Summer, I think of good times and adventures. I put in a mixture of songs that are more current, and a few of my favorites from the past few years. I hope you all enjoy the playlist, and let me know how you feel about in the comments below. Also, if you have any songs that you think are a must add to the playlist, let me know.


My Summer Goals / Bucket list 2018

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St. Patrick’s Day 2018

March 21, 2018

Hello everyone!

I had a pretty busy St. Patrick’s Day this year, and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite moments. Starting with what my favorite treat was, and my favorite activity. Lately, I have been trying to eat healthy and exercise regularly, and so far, I’m doing a pretty good job.  However, I find that the best way for me to maintain a mostly healthy diet is to have some sort of cheat snack every once in a while. I say “snack” instead of “meal” because if I do cheat and splurge on something it’s usually a craving for something sugary or salty, and it doesn’t take much to satisfy that craving.

St. Patrick’s Day Dessert

I knew I wanted to do some sweet treat for St. Patrick’s day, and I thought donuts would be good because I could grab a donut for that cheat snack if I needed it. A good cup of coffee was just perfect for this sweet treat. Plus, I wanted to do something festive for the holiday. So this happened…

St. Patrick’s Day 5K

I have to say, I did end up eating more than just one donut, but I couldn’t help it. They were delicious! I didn’t feel too bad about it either because my mother and I did a 5k this morning. Notice, I specifically don’t say the word “run” because let’s be honest, I walked the entire time. It was the Shamrock Shuffle 5k at Marietta Square. My favorite part about this was the amazing scenery we got to see as we walked. Some of the houses around the area clearly have so much history and beauty.

The good news is that I hit my step goal of 10,000 for the day, the bad news is that I was sore after it. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t have to do all my grocery shopping that same day. I got a good night of sleep though, so I guess it was worth it.

Let me know in the comments below what you did for St. Patricks Day, and be sure to follow my Instagram for regular photos of my daily activities.


Say Hello To Littlebit and Patch

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