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Littlebit Passed Away

April 29, 2019
Littlebit Passed Away

Hello everyone,

As you can tell from the title, my cat Littlebit has passed away. She was the inspiration behind half of this blog’s name. She was almost fifteen years old. I remember the day we got her. This couple was going to get the few kittens they saw and take them to a shelter and were having no luck. My dad handed my sister and I a fishing net, and we came back with a tiny white fluff ball, who had two different color eyes. I remember my mom holding her on her chest and swearing we were going to give her away. However, it was my mom who gave her name to her.

At the beginning of this month, I was already having a lot of things going on in my life, and was under a lot of stress. And unfortunately, it seemed like just another thing that went wrong when my cat started to go downhill. She was having a lot of trouble breathing and she was eating or drinking. We took her to the vet two or three times, and found she did have an enlarged heart. They had given her some medicine to try, and unfortunately the next evening she passed away.

It Has Been Difficult

With all the things going on in my life at that time, it really hit me hard that when my princess Littlebit passed away. It’s been a few weeks now, and I still have moments where I come home and expect her to be there, or I think I hear her meowing to come inside. I don’t want to make this blog post too long, or really, it’s just that I’m still not in a place where I can dwell on her passing without tearing up. So, instead, I will be posting some of my favorite pictures of her, and I hope you all hug your pets today. Because while some people see them as just animals, they are apart of our families, and when they are gone… It hurts.

Make sure you love your furbabies today. And for those of you who are having trouble grieving the loss of a furbaby, be sure to check out “The Rainbow Bridge

Thank you all for your love.

Anna Maxwell

The little toe beans that I am going to miss sooo much!

|12/12/18| I Graduated From College

December 12, 2018

I FINALLY DID IT! I officially graduated from college! The past week I have spent non-stop studying for final exams, and I have been stressed out to the max. I took those exams on Monday, and I still did not feel much better after taking them. Out of all my classes this semester, there was one class I was worried about, and the final exam didn’t ease my worries that much. 

The Ceremony

I had my graduation ceremony yesterday(Tuesday the 11th), and it was actually a nice ceremony. We luckily got to have it inside, because I couldn’t imagine having an outdoor ceremony with all the cold weather we are having. We actually had to delay the ceremony by an hour because we had ice on the roads yesterday morning. All that meant for me is that I got to sleep in an extra hour than I planned. Here are some pictures from yesterday…

These photos were taken by my amazing aunt Kay, and I really appreciate that she was able to be there along with my family. 

Why was I so stressed?

It is actually pretty simple. My university doesn’t require our final grades to be put out until this Friday, and I had no idea really if I should even be graduating. It was kind of hard to enjoy everything fully. Yes, I still had fun, but there was that nagging feeling in my head that kept reminding me I wasn’t fully graduated yet.

However, yesterday evening turned that all around…

My family went bowling with my Dad’s coworkers for their Christmas party, and it was on our way home from there that the one class I was worried about posted the grades, and I found out that I indeed passed the class. So, I was able to finally breathe, and know that I did indeed graduate and will be receiving my degree that I have been working for the past few years.

I know that I haven’t posted on the blog the last two weeks, and I have been meaning too. Especially my big Black Friday haul, but I have been so focused on graduating that I didn’t get the chance. I will be posting the complete Black Friday Haul still, as I did finally receive all the packages I ordered online. The last one actually showed up on Monday so it took a long time for that one.

Other than my blog, I regularly post on Instagram. Be sure to give me a follow @annamaxwell018 or @LittlebitPatchCo for updates on my daily life.


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Holiday Journal

|11/9/18| Is It Too Early To Decorate For Christmas?

November 9, 2018

Is it too early to decorate for Christmas? This is a question that spirals around usually after Halloween every year, and it is one that I just don’t get. Why is everyone so obsessed with controlling Christmas decorations? If it’s November 1st and I want to put up Christmas lights, why does it bother you so much? If I put them up in April would it bother you then too? What if I left Christmas decorations up year round?

My Big Question

I think my big question is: Why do people put so much effort into hating other people for decorating early for Christmas? How does it affect you if I put Christmas decorations up in my house early? It’s not like I’m going around and demanding everyone go and start decorating for Christmas early too. It’s just what I’m doing. Honestly, people need to take a chill pill, and worry about themselves. If they don’t want to decorate until November 30th or December 1st, that’s fine. If people don’t want to decorate at all, that is fine.

My point is that Christmas is a time of year for people to come together with their families. Not everyone looks at Christmas religiously, and purely just on the fact that it is a time of year they can spend with the family they might not always get to see. Some people might start decorating early because they are excited to feel the spirit of the holiday. To feel the happiness that Christmas or being around family gives them.

Did I Decorate Already?

No, I didn’t. I have some cute Fall decorations I like to use, and I want to enjoy them for a few weeks before putting up my Christmas decorations. However, I am fully supportive of people who have already put up their Christmas decorations. Because for some people Christmas might be the one time of year that brings them true happiness and joy. It’s also really none of my damn business if they decide to decorate early or not too. Just throwing that out there 🙂

What about you?

Did you decorate for Christmas already? On another note, who is getting ready for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday? I’m already super excited, and planning out my shopping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


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Beauty Fashion Journal Lifestyle

|10/15/18| My Weekend Fall Shopping Trip

October 15, 2018

[This post contains affiliate links. This means-at zero cost to you-I might earn a commission if you buy something through my links.]

I spent my weekend mostly relaxing, but on Saturday I ended up doing a spur of the moment Fall shopping spree. It wasn’t really supposed to be that big of a shopping trip, as I was really only planning to go out and get some groceries. However, that ended up turning into going to 6 different places, and most of my Saturday ended up disappearing.


If you hadn’t read my blog posts about my recent purchases from the Pink Lily Boutique, I have already started building my Fall wardrobe, and you’d think I’d be done by now. Well, never underestimate my ability to lose self-control, and buy more clothes. You can never have enough sweaters, cardigans, and boots… All the clothing and shoes are from Ross, and they were all great prices. Each sweater/cardigan was below $15 each, and both boots were around $25 each.

I have bought a lot of cardigans this year, and that’s pretty unlike me. I’m usually more interested in sweaters and sweatshirts to make it through the colder season, but I guess my taste is kind of changing. I think my favorite cardigan is the rusty orange one with the stripes. It kind of appears redder on the photo, but it definitely is a real rusty orange. I also am pretty excited about my new boots.

Oh and not fashion related, but I also bought this coffee mug at Ross. It’s huge, and I am absolutely in love with it. I might be using this past Halloween, as I don’t think I have another mug like this one. 


I’ve needed some refills on my usual eyebrow products, and I of course left with many more things. I have to say that I at least bought things that I will use this time, and not things that will just waste away in my drawers.

The liquid lipstick I got from Morphe has been absolutely amazing. It doesn’t dry up my lips, and it applies smoothly. The eyeshadow palette I got was also an amazing buy, and the colors are beautiful. They have three other palettes like the one I bought with different shades, and I definitely recommend checking them out.

I am a big fan of the Stila mascara and liquid eyeliner too, and I’m trying the IT foundation out for the first time so I will let you all know how that goes. So far, I’ve noticed that it’s lightweight, and you can barely tell it is even on. However, I find my skin looks great with it on, and it has just the right amount of coverage. (Not shown, I also bought an NYX eyebrow pencil and NYX eyebrow gel.)

Bath & Bodyworks

It wouldn’t be a real last minute shopping spree without me getting some candles from Bath & Bodyworks. I recently did a Fall candle haul, and I got most of the new Fall collection that they had come out with. There were some that I wasn’t that interested in buying because of the scents. Either they smelled too similar to something I already own, or I didn’t like the scent. (I have over 50 candles, so the first reason is usually why I don’t buy some candles.)

These 5 candles were not really necessary, but I talked myself into it because I had a great coupon and they also weren’t like others I have. Except for the apple one. I have plenty of apple candles, but that’s one of my favorite scents. I also got a couple from the Winter collection. I have to say that I usually don’t like the Winter scents, but these were pretty nicely scented. They are also true to their scent when they are burning too, which is always important to me when I decide on if I want to re-purchase.

photo from my Insta story @annamaxwell018

I also bought these handsoaps, because I was running low on my stash at home. These are new scents to me, but I think I’m going to like them. They had a pretty good deal this weekend for 5 for $23, and I figured it was good to stock up on some so I don’t get tempted to go back in a couple weeks.


The rest of what I got was mostly groceries. Which was what I went out for in the first place, but I did buy a few more last minute Fall things while I was out. Pumpkins and flowers <3 The cat is none other than Littlebit (one of the two animals I named this blog after.) She was more interested in the squirrels in the tree beind me, than the pumpkins.

The pumpkins were so tiny and cute; I couldn’t help myself. It was the biggest impulse buy, but they are a cute addition to my Halloween decorations at home. As for the flowers, I did kind of have an idea of getting them for a while now, but I just haven’t got around to it. I finally did, and I’m glad. It really makes it feel like Fall now. The weather in Georgia can be kind of back and forth, and it usually doesn’t get really cold until November. So I have to use Fall decorations to at least make it feel like Fall for a while.

Overall, I enjoyed my shopping day on Saturday, and had a great weekend overall. What did you do this weekend? Have you got in the Fall spirit yet?


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|10/5/18| Morning Coffee Talk

October 5, 2018

I’m sitting here with my coffee this morning, and reflecting back on the week I have had. It hasn’t been that great of a week, to be honest. I’ve had a lot of stress and anxiety, and it has been a challenge to deal with. On Monday I had two exams, a paper, and a presentation to do. I’ve had all sorts of issues with my car. I’m kind of uncertain as to what I’ll be doing out of college. Then there is like a million other little things that just seems to go wrong when I’m already feeling the pressure of these other things, and it just feels like a lot.


College is already stressful for many reasons. It’s around the time of mid-terms that many college students feel pretty much dead inside from all the professors trying to cram in exams and papers right before the withdrawal without penalty deadline. All without really caring that they all seem to choose the same day to give exams and have papers due as your other classes, and wondering why students don’t seem to do as well as they assumed they would.


I’m supposed to be graduating in December this year, and then I’ll be out in the real world. I honestly am not really excited for this at all. I mean yes, it’ll be nice to not have to balance four or five class loads of work each week, but that’s not that exciting. I kind of touch on this in another blog post where I talk about the last semester of your college experience, and how it’s not as great as you think it is.

Honestly, it may be great for some people, but I’m just not feeling the greatness. I honestly have no idea where I’ll end up after college, and it seems like every job I’ve looked into doesn’t seem right for me. It’s times like those when I make myself worry about if I wasted all this money on a degree that I may not be so passionate about after all.

My Car

There’s not much to say here other than this is the second time in a period of two months that I’ve had problems with my car. The first time my car wouldn’t even crank up. This time it’s cranking up, but it’s taking way too long to do so. Of course I also have the problem where it’s not doing it every time. Sometimes it cranks up right away and sometimes it doesn’t. So far I’ve learned that it only seems to happen when I’m an hour away from my house, and if my car ever decides to stop working it’ll be my luck that it’d be so far away from my house.

Honestly, it’s kind of frustrating to deal with. Because taking it to a mechanic to get the problem fixed only helps if the problem occurs with them. The past couple days, my car has cranked up right over 100 times in my driveway. Of course the 2 times I drove my car out to the grocery store or for a meeting, I get back in my car to drive home and the problem just magically resurfaces. But as soon as I get home to crank it again in my driveway, it’s working perfectly fine.

Story of my life, ha!

It could be worse

I know my problems could be a lot worse, and that I’m lucky to even have a car to drive. My worries about college ending, and not being able to get a stable career are just that. Worries. I’m an anxious person, and worrying irrationally about things is just what I do. It might just be the not so great week I’ve had that makes it all seem worse than it is, but all I can say is that I hope next week is better.


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|9/21/18| It’s TV Show Season and New on Instagram

September 21, 2018

I don’t know about you all, but it’s about to be TV show season. Usually, around June to mid-August, my usual TV shows aren’t on. At least the ones that I still keep up with on TV aren’t on. The shows I binge watch on Netflix don’t really count(THE OFFICE). The only shows that have been on for the past few weeks for me are Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team. Now both of those shows are great and all, but they are more of my backup shows.

Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore back in the day was great, and even the first season of the new show was good. This current season is not that interesting to me. They wasted the first handful episodes all on the drama with Ron and his baby momma, but that literally was just the same thing each episode. They were just dragging it out. Now Angelina is back on and causes drama almost as soon as she was in the house. Honestly, I feel like they are trying to run that idea into the ground.

OH AND I MISS DEENA! She is currently pregnant with her first child, and is not on the show this season that much. She’s my favorite, but I know she’s excited for her baby. She’s happy and that’s all that matters.

My TV Show List for this Fall Season

  • Magnum P.I (New show that I want to try out)
  • NCIS
  • NCIS New Orleans
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • How To Get Away With Murder
  • Dancing With The Stars
  • NCIS Los Angeles
  • Station 19
  • DWTS Juniors (Not sure if I’m going to like this, but I wanted to give a shot since I watch DWTS)
  • Walking Dead
  • Splitting Up Together
  • Legacies (Spin-off the The Originals, that was a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries)

That’s A LOT of TV

As you can see, I have a lot of TV shows to look forward to. From Magnum P.I down to NCIS Los Angeles those are coming on next week. Then everything else comes on mostly at the beginning of October, and a couple are going to be later on in the month. I’m going to have a lot to watch, but I’m looking forward to it. Basically, I’ve been re-watching old TV shows for the past few months. The Office, Smallville, and recently Medium. I need something new.

Trying Out A New Instagram Theme

Back in July, I tried out a new Instagram theme, and it was great. I really liked how my photos turned out. However, it is about to be Fall, and I wanted to try to get a head start on an Instagram theme that worked well with Fall. I am going to share more specifics on how I’m editing my photos in a blog post in the next couple of weeks, but these are the photos I’ve posted so far.

Photos from my Instagram @annamaxwell018

I really like how the look is so far, and after I post a few more photos I am going to make a decision on if I want to keep this cooler theme up. The edit process I am using seems to be working well with the type of photos I usually take. However, I want to try out different types of photos (like indoors and more outdoors) to see if they match up with the theme.

I also talk about that striped top in my recent blog post, and I discuss my shopping experience at Pink Lily Boutique. I also share with you my haul of clothes I got from them. Long story short: the clothes are amazing.

Overall, I am pretty excited for the next couple weeks. I have been waiting for these TV shows to come back on for what seems like forever. Station 19 is probably the one I am most excited for, as the season finale left us on a major intense cliffhanger. I am also pretty excited for this Instagram theme. If you have any tips on what I can do to improve my Instagram theme, let me know in the comments below.


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|9/16/18| New Projects and Fall Fever

September 16, 2018

Sunday | September 16th, 2018

I honestly have had the most creative and inspirational month of my life. It’s been a little over a month since I did my first ever journal blog post, and I certainly didn’t plan on taking this long of a break before doing another one. I have also kind of slacked off on regular blog posts, as I have just been so incredibly focused on other projects. One of which is something I can’t wait for, but I am not quite ready to put it out on the Internet yet. I feel like I need to perfect somethings before I can share it.

One of my new Fall candles

My Adventures in Photoshop and Illustrator

The new project I am working on requires me to actively use Photoshop and Illustrator. Before this project, I assumed I was relatively knowledgeable about Photoshop. I didn’t know that much about Illustrator, but I figured it would be similar to Photoshop so I would be fine. I was so incredibly wrong.

I apparently didn’t know really anything about Photoshop, and spent several long hours teaching myself how to do what seems like very simple things. Then when I finally got around to needing to use Illustrator, it was like starting the entire learning process over again, as Illustrator is pretty different from Photoshop. Yes, there are obvious similarities, as they are both Adobe apps, but they have a lot of differences. I’m hoping to keep improving on these two over the next couple weeks, and maybe it’ll make this new project a lot easier.

My Fall Fever

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had some major Fall fever. No, I don’t mean that I have been walking around craving pumpkin spice lattes. I actually don’t like Pumpkin flavored drinks at all. I’m talking about how Summer has been an absolute mess, and I need a season change ASAP. It’s been so incredibly hot and humid where I live, and I am completely over it. Summer usually is my favorite season, but this year has been brutal. I want to be able to go outside and enjoy myself, and that’s usually what Fall is all about. That and being able to start wearing leggings every day.

Bath & Bodyworks and Pinterest

I have already gone to Bath & Bodyworks and stocked up on most of their Fall scents, and if Fall doesn’t start soon I am going to end up broke as I’m spending way too much on Fall scented candles. Another thing is that if you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I am already well into pinning for Fall and Halloween. I love the aesthetic of Fall photos, and there is so much beauty in capturing the change of seasons.

I don’t really have an excuse for my excessive pinning of Halloween pins. Most of it is Halloween themed food or drinks that I think is cute and that I want to try, Let’s be honest, probably won’t ever get around to making any of them, but it’s nice to dream.

My cat Littlebit, and I used one of the new Fall edits I’m trying out

These past couple of weeks have been incredible(despite the hot and humid temperatures.) I got to work on a lot of creative projects, and I feel so fulfilled and happy with myself. This past week, in particular, has been incredibly productive for me, and I forgot how good it feels to not procrastinate all my work until last minute. Next week I will be focusing on school, and I’m house sitting for one of my aunts. I’ll have a lot of free time on my hands, and I’m planning on spending a lot of it continuing to work on my creative projects. Hopefully, I’ll have a final product to share with you all soon.


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|08/07/18| What Nobody Tells You About Your Last Semester of College

August 7, 2018

Monday | August 6th, 2018

I’m finally there. My last semester of college starts one week from yesterday. I’m excited because I am one step closer to graduating from college, but right now that is the only thing I feel excited about.

“Close to graduating from college”

Growing up I was under the impression that by the time I got to this point where I’m graduating from college, my life would be somewhat together. I’d be in a relationship. I would have a starter job that would lead to my career someday. I would also be moved into my own apartment. Instead, the idea of being in a relationship with someone is annoying, I’m unemployed, and I still live at home with my parents.

“Failing at everyday life”

I was always under the impression that getting close to graduating college would be signaling my life turning into something better, but I’m not really feeling that. I’m not really looking forward to graduating at all. I see these people leading successful lives around me, and I still feel like I’m failing at everyday life… It just sucks!

I hear so many people say “don’t worry about it” and “you still have so much time”, and I’m like that is so not helpful or reassuring. Yes, I know not everyone does things at the same speed, but that still doesn’t make me feel like I’m anywhere close to having my life together like I used to think it would be by the time I got to this point.

“I can’t turn back time”

As much as I wish I could turn back time and warn myself to prepare differently, I can’t. The only thing I can do is try to enjoy this last semester of college before adulthood really starts. I’m terrified out of my mind, but all I can do is try my best(no matter how cheesy that sounds).


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Background taken from a photo of