Pink Lily Boutique Haul – Fall 2018 (part 3)

This post is NOT sponsored by Pink Lily. This is my own opinion about my personal online shopping experience here.  If you haven’t already noticed, I am in LOVE with the Pink Lily Boutique. This is my fourth time making a purchase from them, but the third time was just for a mystery bag so it wasn’t a full haul. Check out my first two hauls here: part 1 | part 2 This purchase was mainly for Fall or Winter items, but a couple could probably go for Springtime as well. I think I’m winding down with my Pink Lily purchases for the year. The last one I plan on making is going to be for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, but never say never. They could have an amazing sale, and I might change my mind. However, I plan to hopefully be done with most of my shopping for the year after Black Friday/Cyber Monday. My Order I love everything I bought. The material is so soft on everything and perfect for Fall and Winter. When I ordered these I got a 30% discount, and that was probably the only way I bought that last sweater. I mean, don’t get me … Continue reading Pink Lily Boutique Haul – Fall 2018 (part 3)