Pink Lily Boutique Haul – Fall 2018 (part 2)

October 10, 2018

This post is NOT sponsored by Pink Lily. This is my own opinion about my personal online shopping experience here. 

I know this is a little soon from my last Pink Lily Haul, but they had a big sale the other day and I couldn’t help myself. I actually had 2 separate orders. The first one was on the sale day, and I bought four things. The second order came the next day and was kind of an impulse buy. It was a mystery bag that was only $40, and it comes with three randomly selected articles of clothing.

The First Order

I got two shirts and two cardigans. I wanted to get some things that would work for Fall, and I’m kind of obsessed with the whole red and blue colors for Fall. I have to say that the chunky green sweater is extremely comfortable, and I can tell it’s going to keep me warm when we get some colder weather. The long sleeved red shirt is a different material than I’m used to, but it is still pretty comfortable and really pretty. The two cardigans are essentially the same item, but just different colors. They also have elbow patches which add a little cute touch to each cardigan.

The Second Impulse Order

I got an email the next morning talking about the Fall mystery bag, and after reading into it, I bought it pretty quickly. It’s only $40 with a $6 fixed shipping rate. You’re getting three items four $46, when they usually would be 30+ dollars a piece. The mystery factor is the only risky thing. You never know what you are going to get. You do know that it’ll be in your size, as you select that before purchasing the bundle. You could get Summer clothes even though it’s Fall now, or you can get pants or maxi-dresses which are pretty risky if you are a bit shorter.

I was pretty pleased with my mystery purchase. The two shirts are really comfortable, and they work relatively for Fall/Winter. The pants I am not quite sure about yet. They are high waisted which is nice, but they are a bit long on the legs. I’m only 5’2 so that wasn’t unexpected that they would be a little big on me. I might be able to hem them, or I might be able to wear them if I have the right heel. We’ll see what happens.

Overall, I am very much pleased with my purchases from Pink Lily. Online shopping can be a hit or miss, so far the few experiences I’ve had at Pink Lily have been great.


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Pink Lily Boutique Haul – Fall 2018

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