Pink Lily Boutique Haul – Fall 2018

September 18, 2018

This post is NOT sponsored by Pink Lily. This is my own opinion about my personal online shopping experience here. 

I know it’s not quite Fall yet, but I couldn’t help myself. I came across the Pink Lily Boutique in August, and I immediately fell in love with their clothes. It was hard to control myself and not buy every article of clothing they sell, but I managed to keep it to a handful of items.

I typically don’t like to spend too much when I buy things from a shop online for the first time. You never know how the material is going to feel, or how their sizes work. I kept that in mind when I bought my first few items from them, and I anxiously awaited my package to arrive for the next week. When they finally did arrive, I was certainly pleased with the clothes.

Pink Lily Boutique – 6 Items (3 shirts, 1 pair of shorts, 2 dresses)

Run To The Ocean Striped Blouse (Size Small)

Only Thing I Know Striped Blouse (Small Size)

Charming As Can Be Plaid Sweater (Size Small)

Just Keep Dreaming Floral Shorts (Small Size)

Casual For Fall Dress (Size Small)

Glowing Fondness Striped Dress (Size Small)

Can I just say how incredibly pleased I was when I tried these on for the first time? Each article of clothing I bought was made from the most comfortable material. They were soft and seemingly well made. The only thing I wish I did was buy more from them.

My Total Was $146 for these items. Here’s why it was worth it:

Five out of the 6 items I bought were new collection items, and only one item was on sale. I am not one to normally buy anything if it is over $20. However, I decided to put a little bit more into my budget for this, as I wanted to really try out some of their newest clothes and see what I thought of them. Because of how soft and comfortable the material is, how much I like the look of the clothes, and how the shipping & delivery process went are the main reasons why I would buy from the shop again without any doubt in my mind.


After my successful online shopping experience, I started following their Instagram page and their VIP Instagram page(which gives insight on upcoming products and sometimes extra sales). They regularly have sales that are 10% over $50. It is very easy to spend over $50 here, but I’ve found that there are usually better sale opportunities that pop up. It can be a holiday or just a random day, but there are usually higher percentages off on those special sale opportunities.

I recommend that if you are concerned with spending too much money to wait for a holiday sale or follow them on Instagram, text notifications, or email notifications. You will get alerted when there are sales, and they sometimes have sales that are 25% off or more depending on how big of a holiday/sale weekend it is.


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