Did I Complete My June Photo Challenge?

July 10, 2018

I did it, I did it! I managed to complete all the photos for my June photo challenge. At the beginning of last month, I made the decision to start a June photo challenge, and I was to post a themed photo each day of the month. I have tried a photo challenge before, and it didn’t really go that well. I finally realized that if I really wanted to get one done, I should come up with the challenge myself, and see if that motivates me more.

What Happened During The Photo Challenge

The whole challenge went by without any major issues, but I did run into a snag here and there. I decided to do the photo challenge on my Insta stories instead of posting on my actual Instagram, and that worked relatively well. I saved each day to a highlight(which is still on my Insta profile if you want to go see it), and I occasionally forgot to save it to the highlight on a few days. Luckily my Instagram is set up to backup my photos and stories to my phone so I was able to add them, but if I do this again, I need a better reminder to do that.

I only missed posting on one day, but that was only because I purchased the game Jurassic World Evolution. I got addicted very quickly, and I played the game for about 10 hours straight that day. But I did make up for it, and I posted two photos the next day.

All 30 Photos

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Overall, I really enjoyed this photo challenge. I had something to look forward to everyday, and it was another way to express my love for capturing moments in my life. Yes, I’m most definitely not a professional photographer, but I still love all my photos.

I did have someone participate in the challenge with me this month, and I have to say I absolutely loved her photos. Her name is Chloe and her IG: @photographycnp She was so creative with each themed day, and really kept up with the challenge. I think everyone should go check out her Instagram page, and the rest of her photos from the challenge. Below, I have some of my favorites from her photos. It was hard to narrow down from her photos, but these five really caught my eye. 

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Would I do this again? Absolutely! My main focus for this upcoming month is going to be my Instagram theme, but I might do another photo challenge in August. If you have any suggestions on what challenge I should do, or you created a challenge and want me to try it, let me know in the comments below.


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