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My Go-To Beauty Products – June 2018

June 29, 2018

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While I try to spend my life letting my skin and hair have plenty of breaks from beauty and hair products, I do like to experiment with new beauty products regularly. So far this year, I’ve used to quite a bit of new products, and I finally narrowed down my go-to’s(we’re almost halfway through this year, where did the time go?). The list below has mostly beauty products, but I also have a couple hair and nail products in there.

I think I’ve transformed a lot this past year when it comes to what I’m using on my face for skincare or makeup, and I think it is important to try new things. I do want to say that if you plan on buying any of these products below, make sure you do your own research on what is compatible with your skin type or hair type. Sometimes products that work on oily skin have a completely different effect on those with dry skin. Now on with my favorites…

Favorite Scents

Favorites from Bath & Bodyworks

Lately, I have been obsessed with this rose and apple scent from Bath and Bodyworks. If you have been following me for a long time(here, Twitter, or Instagram), you know that I have a huge candle obsession. My 30+ candle collection all comes from Bath & Bodyworks, and my favorite time to buy is when they are on sale. Recently Bath & Bodyworks had their semi-annual, and I stocked up on everything. Including this lovely shower gel. I had already bought the body spray a couple months ago, and I was obsessed instantly. This is definitely a scent I recommend buying.

Mermaid Lagoon from Bath & Bodyworks

Mermaid Lagoon is one of my newer favorite scents from Bath & Bodyworks. It’s described as smelling like shimmering ocean water, tiare flowers, and sea mist. All fitting into the mermaid theme of the candle’s appearance. The one thing I like about this candle is that the scent is just right. It’s not too overpowering, but it’s not a weak smelling candle either.

Hair and Nail Products

Tresemme – [Affiliate]

I have been trying new things with my hair lately, some of which require heat, and this has been amazing for heat protection. Not only that, it helps smooth my hair out, and I definitely need that. My hair frizzes pretty easily, regardless of how hot it is outside. Just a little bit of heat causes my hair to go in all directions, and this has helped me manage my frizz a lot more.

Essie Nail Polish, Spaghetti Strap and Peach Daiquiri – [Affiliate]

With Summer approaching, my goal was to start buying more bright and colorful nail polish, and these 2 colors caught my eye immediately. The pale pink is called Spaghetti Strap and the darker pink is Peach Daiquiri. They are both beautiful colors, but they also fit different moods. One is more bright and perfect for a pop of color, and the other is more simple but beautiful for any work or fancy occasion.

Beauty Products

These are my favorite items in my makeup collection. I L O V E my Stila mascara and eyeliner. These two are perfect on their own without eyeshadow, and they accompany eyeshadow perfectly. I am absolutely obsessed, and can’t believe I went this long in my life without using these two products. The mascara doesn’t clump, and the eyeliner is easy to apply. Something that is most important to me is eyeliner application. I don’t really have steady hands, and I can’t use a product that is difficult to apply on top of my shaky hands.

My Morphe palette is my typical go-to for eyeshadow. I have been not wearing as much eyeshadow lately to give my eyes a somewhat break, but when I do wear it, I always grab at least one color from this palette. On a regular day, I’m usually sticking to more earth/warm tones for my eyeshadow, and this palette is perfect to fit my eyeshadow needs. However, if this isn’t exactly your thing, Morphe has a ton of different types of palettes with all different colors. 

Last but not least, my Sun Bum sunscreen for face and lips. I absolutely love both the face sunscreen and the watermelon scented sunscreen chapstick. My pet peeve with sunscreens is usually the smell. I find that if the smell is too much like chemicals, I’m not as inclined to want to put it on. With how harsh the sun can actually be on our skin, it is very important to put sunscreen on every day, even when it’s cloudy. With these two products, I don’t think I’ll have any problem applying these every day.

I Take My Go-To’s Everywhere

My go-to’s are always in a bag, ready to go with me anywhere. Most are pretty inexpensive, and they get the job done. What’s in your go-to beauty bag? Let me know in the comments below, or comment on my Instagram photo for the blog 🙂


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[This post contains affiliate links. This means-at zero cost to you-I might earn a commission if you buy something through my links.]

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