My Georgia Travel Bucket List

March 29, 2018
GA Travel Bucket List

Hello everyone!

I’ve come to realize that even though I’ve lived in Georgia my entire life, there are some places I haven’t visited in the state. My family and I went hiking and camping a lot growing up, and we went all over the place to different state parks and campgrounds. However, I still seemed to have missed quite a few places, or I was too young to remember going to them. There are even a few places that I do remember going to, but I feel like I didn’t get to explore them in the way that I wanted to. I have made a bucket list of places I really want to go in Georgia, and I even made sub-lists for them on things I specifically want to do or see in each place.

Bucket list in 3…2…1

  1. Tullulah Falls (This place has a ton of opportunities to be engulfed by nature with the hiking trails and waterfalls, and I think it would be a perfect place for some nature photography)
  2. Savannah
    1. Savannah Historic District
    2. Owens-Thomas House
    3. Telfair Museum
  3. Tybee Island
    1. Light Station and Museum (I love lighthouses)
    2. Marine Science Center
  4. St.Simons
    1. Driftwood beach
    2. Neptune Park(water park, duh!)
    3. Sandcastle Cafe(Food-related, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it)
    4. St.Simons Lighthouse (again, <3 lighthouses)
    5. Go on a boat tour
  5. Cumberland Island
    1. Go camping
    2. Visit the Dungeness Ruines
    3. Sightsee in hopes to see some wild horses, maybe even tour on a bike
    4. Hang out on the beach
Travel Photo

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So when is this going to happen?

With tons of college debt looming over my head, I figure that I should probably start small on my travel goals, and branch out once I can actually see dollars in my savings account. While it might be a while before I can see all these sights, I am already excited at the thought of getting to visit these places. I guess it gives me more time to plan my strategy to tackle all these places. 

If you have visited any of these places above, let me know if there are any must-see places and things to do in the comments below. If there are any must see places that I missed, let me know! Be sure to follow my Instagram for regular photos of my daily activities.


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GA Travel Bucket List

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